Our story

Starting a company is certainly no easy task. You will have to acquire new personal and professional skills and knowledge throughout your journey. Creating a contact list requires a great amount of time and effort. It can also be very intimidating for beginners seeking partnerships and investment in their projects. Our objective is to bring together entrepreneurs, who believe that true success originates from dedication and passion, industry-leading companies and renown veterans who possess theoretical and practical knowledge. For these reasons, the Tunisian Entrepreneurship & Spin-Off Association (ATUPEE) came into existence. We work hard to create quick and effective learning opportunities that will help project holders gain years’ worth of know-how and experience.

Our methodology

ATUPEE is an Association committed to enhancing technology, entrepreneurial initiatives and consolidating connections between young Entrepreneurs. We provide entrepreneurs assistance from the initial project idea stage to the post-creation phase; supporting them during each step of the way with the resources, mentorship and powerful business connections needed to take their business to the next level and help bring their vision to reality.

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Membership benefits

We offer you the connections, tools and resources you need to reach the next level in your entrepreneurial journey. 

We matchmake entrepreneurs, expert practitioners and professional partners to connect and help each other find creative solutions and share new opportunities.

Since 2006, we have been working on the promotion and development of the culture of entrepreneurship among young Tunisians along with contributing to the diffusion of the spin-off favorable mechanisms to increase opportunities for business creation, prosperity and sustainability.

Through our programs and projects, we have developed a nucleus of partners and experts in the field of technology, female and social entrepreneurship to benefit stakeholders in the areas of production, services, education, training and scientific research.

We firmly believe that our community deserves the best of the best. That is the reason why we tend to set the bar high each time and live up to the expectations of our partners and followers when organizing events and offer them the opportunity to engage in enriching and fruitful conversations.

Our job is not to inspire, our job is to make our entrepreneurs aspire to inspire!

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We are looking for the next generation of great Entrepreneurs. Those who believe in themselves and the potential of their ideas. If you think that you have what it takes to push yourself to the edge of your limits, follow your passion and become a fully-fledged entrepreneur, your journey starts here and now!

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